Big Horn Quilts is helping their customers use up their stashes! I haven't got too many patterns on this page yet, but there are lots at Quiltville, where Bonnie Hunter has generously shared many scrap quilt patterns, and I use them all the time! Scroll down a little way, and her patterns are listed on the left.

Alternate Pinwheel

January 6, 2007 Alternate Pinwheel Directions

Stack N Slash

Feb 3, 2007 Stack N Slash Directions

Bargello Quilt

March 3, 2007 Bargello Directions

Log Cabin Quilt

April 7, 2007 Log Cabin Pattern

Roberta Quilt

May 12, 2007 Roberta Pattern

Light Play

June 2, 2007 Lightplay Pattern


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